Bits and bobs


1. Over the summer, I was re-reading John Laubs' article on turning points and youth crime, In his work he uses a life course approach to look at juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. By way of Cristopher Uggens blog on I’ve discovered that he has been appointed director of the National Institute of Justice director by Obama. Fergal, you’d probably be interested in both his work and that blog.


2. A graph for Oisin. The congressional budget office has released figures on the distribution of workers annual earnings between 1979 and 2007.

The article concentrates on continued differences between male and female earnings. The graphs are also interesting in showing that the rich are indeed getting richer (and these are just measures of earnings, not wealth).



3. I’m back doing research on working time, so plan to use this blog to note things of interest as I come across them. Here’s the first. The European Pilots Association organised protests on Monday, arguing that EU rules which allow for a minimum of 14 hours a day flight time are dangerous. I notice also, in the way of EU soft laws, national safety bodies are allowed, as in Britain, to authorise longer shifts.