Disenchanted with capital

witch riding a wolf

Eddie Yuen (pictured above riding a wolf)  is a friend from the states who I have spent some stressful days with while having a very odd sort of holiday on the Ligurian coast. That is another story but suffice to say that it was not his fault and I blame the Italian state for everything. Eddie is nonetheless very good company and very bright. He is also responsible for editing one of the better collections of anti-capitalist writing 'Confronting capitalism'. Anyway he is involved in an independent radio show on the west coast called Against the Grain.

Recently the show interviewed Silvia Federici who wrote Caliban and the witch a fascinating book about gender, power and class in the early stages of capitalism.  The book covers a lot of ground and will hopefully be expanded upon in the future which argues that primitive accumulation required new forms of discipline, control and punishment of women including witch hunts.  To have a listen follow the URL below