Lost Time and Creativity

One of my favourite quotes from E. P. Thompsons Work and Time Discipline is the following warning from Wesley on The Duty and Advantage of Early Rising: "By soaking . . .so long between warm sheets, the flesh is as it were parboiled, and becomes soft and flabby. The nerves, in the mean time, are quite unstrung".

Quite unstrung!

The end result of this drive for efficiency is the removal of all `wasted time`. Two articles talk about lost time is needed for creativity.



This is an issue I address in my book, but knowing that empty time is needed is very different from actually embacing empty time. Right now I am working on the structure of my book, a work that requires some deep thought. I have been probably driving my co-workers to distraction by talking extensively of how when stuck, I have been forcing myself to stare out of my office window, watching the rain clouds, and the wind in the trees. I`m not allowed the comfort net of a book or the internet. It`s weirdy difficult, my mind feels actively uncomfortable - quite unstrung - yet it works. The rain drops chase each other down the window pain, and unbidden I see the way through a difficulty.