Have they no shame?

The Green Party, deservedly trashed by the electorate for its unswervingly dimwitted loyalty to Fianna Fail and austerity, is organising a get-together in, of all places, Carnsore Point. Lest we forget, this is the same Green Party which in office accepted Dick Roche's "stroke" in putting the M3 through Tara without a whimper of protest, did a U-turn on letting the US continue to use Shannon to ship their soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq - even though, as RTE has just reported, the US were willing to abandon the use of Shannon in the face of non-violent direct action - and sent the military in to prop up the Guards and Shell's dodgy security people in Rossport.

One after another, ecological, peace and popular movements were shafted by the same Green Party which had claimed to support them while in opposition. At least they had had the honesty out of office to openly oppose non-violent civil disobedience at Shannon; after all, better facilitate mass slaughter in the third world than that anyone might break the rules here. That would Not Be Nice.

Unsurprisingly, their time in office saw anyone who was both honest and intelligent leave the party in disgust at these kinds of policy decisions. I have a personal interest here: I left over a decade back when it became clear that the party's support for social movements did not go beyond lip service, and that it was not prepared to rule out coalition with Fianna Fail. It's nice to see others come to the same conclusion, if a bit late in the day.

Let's be clear: if the Green Party had been in office at the time of Carnsore it would have freaked. Have a look at Simon Dalby's thesis on Carnsore, available from the DAWN site (the RTF version is best - the PDF one is faulty. Just as at Rossport, Shannon and Tara it would have done whatever FF or FG told it to around Carnsore. It would not have supported popular protest, let alone the threats of mass NVDA which ultimately won the day. As at Shannon, Tara and Rossport it would have been part of a government which sent in the cops, and the military if need be.

I do have one question though: who on earth do they think they're kidding?