Two time stories

I've been too busy with the book to blog - boo hiss. I just want to note these two time related stories From the BBC, one in three skive people take time off work because they are bored or depressed,  and from the Guardian, German unions call for lunchtime siesta's at work.  The article ends with the quote ""Sometimes I really need a nap, but I've never taken one at work," said healthcare worker Nils Gordon de Mello, also in Berlin. "If there was a room at work where you could go and lie down for a bit in the afternoon that would be great.", which reminds me of a story I once heard from a friend who had started working in the Irish civil service. She said there was a room in her office, where women could go and lie down if they needed, at 'that' time of the month. I'm not sure I believed her, but it seems like an excellent idea to me.

Below, a picture of the Ostrich pillow, designed to allow workers to sleep at their desks,