Rethinking Labour

Aileen I was thinking recently that it was quite old fashioned of me to be interested in the labour process and work organisation. The Guardian published a list of sociology postgraduate courses in the UK a few weeks ago - I don't there was one on work organisation, though there were many on Globalisation (which I guess is just term that is used to re-package old interests in economy, work, technology and culture in a way that pleases funders and policymakers and makes sociologists feel all hip and contemporary).

Then I got an email about a very interesting conference in UCD

"Rethinking Labour: Labour, Affect and Material Culture"

It being hosted by the Clinton Institute of American Studies and runs from Friday the 18th of April - to Sunday the 20th the April. The timing couldn't be worse for me, but I hope I'll be able to make it, because there are so many papers that are smack bang in my area of interest and so few conferences of these type around. What is it that people say about waiting for buses?

More Information here