International joint statement on free and emancipatory education

... can be found here. It's really good to see campaigns around education which aren't simply remaining within the boundaries of defence of existing "special privileges" - or even limited to generally "resisting the cuts" in alliance with other affected groups - but are proposing strong and alternative content for education. In education as in health one of the great weaknesses (in Ireland above all) is the extent to which those operating the system, those running it and those training within it share a common understanding of its basic tasks which is anything other than emancipatory and everything to do with elevating their specialist knowledge to a source of power and prestige. Since so many other people have experienced this at first hand - whether dropping out of education, as disempowered patients or whatever - there is a lot of support for right-wing politicians promising to "shake up" these sectors and tackle "special interests", which somehow always turn out to be the unions rather than the managers, the contract workers rather than the consultants.