Aronowitz, Mills and Dilettantes


I’ve always loved going to sociology seminars and conferences. I think it is perhaps because I came to sociology later in life than most and I always feel I have to play catch up – or perhaps it is because I’m too much of a dilettante. Some of the most interesting talks I’ve been to have had nothing to do with my field of interest. One on the sex lives of crack addicts spring to mind, as does another on the politics of the ethnicity question on national census forms. The purpose of this blog is to pass on details of a conference about Stanley Aronowitz.  I would love to go to it, as I am reading Aronowitz’s ‘How Class Works’ at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t make it because of prior commitments, but maybe one of my co-conspirators might and report back (or one of our readers – do we have readers?). London isn’t that far away these days, especially if you take the boat-train and use it as an opportunity to catch up on your reading.

Future Promises The Life and Work of Stanley Aronowitz

May 19th , 2008 – 9:30am – 6pm Room 4.24, Francis Bancroft Building, Queen Mary, Mile End Road, London

More details on this website In trawling t’interweb for the conference details, I found this essay by Aronowitz about C. Wright Mills: A Mills Revial . I was surprised that he said that Mills was no longer popular among American sociologists. Aronwitz also says that Mills’ ‘numerous essays covered the broad expanse of issues in American politics and culture, a range that caused more than one detractor to complain that he was ‘all over the place’.

My inner dilettante finds that sentence very encouraging.