Then two busses come along at once

Busy week next week as the universities (around Dublin, Ireland) host events which address aspects of the current crisis. Follow the links below for the full agendas and list of speakers. All are public events (though they usually ask you to register before hand so they have a sense of numbers) 1. LIBERALISM IN CRISIS: US, UK, IRELAND Thursday May 6th, 9am – 6pm, NUI Maynooth

Speakers include Prof Fred Block  (Dept of Sociology, University of California, Davis) and Prof Colin Hay (Dept of Politics, University of Sheffield)

2. Equality in a Time of Crisis Thursday 6th May 2010 to lunchtime on Friday 7th May 2010. UCD Speakers include Prof. Sylvia Walby UNESCO Chair in Gender Research, University of Lancaster and Prof. Andrew Sayer  Department of Sociology, University of Lancaster

3.Education in Internationally Competitive Knowledge Economies. Rhetoric, resistance and Realities Wed 5th of May 7.00-9.00 TCD Dirk van Dam, Head of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD